Swift Passage to Europe



For the past few weeks I’ve been in Prague, where I’m in the process of setting up Swift Passage s.r.o., our first company outside the United States. A permanent presence in the European Union will enable us to provide year-round support and service in some of the world’s most affluent markets for our American (and, in the future, worldwide) clients. Instead of relying on back-to-back meetings over the course of a few hectic, jet-lagged days, our partners will have full-time eyes, ears, and voice in European markets long before the time comes to invest in a foreign subsidiary of their own.

Why Prague? Mainly for personal reasons (although the Czech Republic could be an interesting export market for the right products — more on that in a future post). From the first time I visited in 1987 (!) I’ve had a fascination with this city. I’m irresistibly drawn to the beauty of its architecture, the depths of its history and legends, the mysteries of its hidden corners. Even now I’m still discovering enigmatic little streets and neighborhoods that feel like stepping into another century. Several key events in my life took place when I lived here in the 1990s, most importantly the birth of my daughter, and I still have many friends here. It’s also centrally located with convenient air connections to every part of the continent.

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