A New Kind of Global Business is Emerging

Around the world, a new way of doing business is emerging — collaborative, dynamic, purpose-driven, global. The transformative business of the 21st century favors self-organizing networks over command-and-control hierarchies. It adapts near-instantaneously to constant change in technology and the market landscape. It pursues profit and growth not as ends in themselves, but as essential means to fulfill values and purpose. And it sees itself as a player in an interlinked global marketplace.

The organizing principle of the 21st century transformative business is a fluid network of largely autonomous collaborators. Internally the organization is "lean" and "flat"; externally it seeks out opportunities to participate in continually evolving global supply chains. Seemingly fundamental roles such as buyer and seller, employer and employee, entrepreneur and investor are revealed as situational and contingent as shifting constellations of organizations, teams, and individuals coalesce around different projects. Markets for meaning and learning emerge as organizations strive to attract and retain talent. The companies that thrive are those that inspire the best people — employees, collaborators, vendors and, yes, customers — to join in communities of purpose. Shared values within and across organizational boundaries generate trust and cohesiveness while shared purpose lends a fresh moral urgency to performance and financial sustainability.

The 21st century business is implicitly global. The network "routes around" the barriers formed by national borders. Start-ups are "born global" at least in spirit, if not yet in actual operations. The diverse operating environments, ideas and practices of the global playing field serve as a powerful stimulus to learning. The most ambitious individuals and organizations are drawn to international marketplaces by a drive to measure and hone their own abilities against the best in the world, facing challenges and opportunities never seen at home. By bridging the widest gaps, global players unleash enormous potential energy.

Unlocking Global Potential

Swift Passage Trading was established to catalyze and facilitate collaborative relationships across international borders. We believe in business as exploration and adventure. Our purpose is to help independent businesses unlock their global potential and achieve the transition from local champion to Global Player. Our immediate focus is on developing and executing export programs, but our deeper intention is to support clients in developing purposeful relationships with customers, suppliers and collaborators around the world.

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