Bootstrap B2B meeting 4/19


The Bootstrap Business-to-Business subgroup meets Monday:

WHEN: April 19, 2010 at 6:30 pm
WHERE: Business Success Center in the Chase Bank Building, 7600 Burnet Road (corner of Burnet Rd & Northcross Blvd, one block south of Anderson Lane), Suite 130.

Our speaker will be James Baker of Revenue Rising, speaking on:

The Business Communications Spectrum: The Journey
from Your Client Advocacy.

"Everyone's company is unique in both form and function. The main thing is
the mastery of Leadership's integrity around its commitment to the
CLIENTS'/CUSTOMERS' experience. That encompasses EVERY area of your
business...from financial to production to sales...leaving nothing
untouched. Come prepared to participate fully in a guided discussion around
that topic."

Please RSVP to

See you Monday!

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