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TTIP a threat to Turkish economy?

Turkey stands to be a big loser from the pending US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), according to a Brookings Institute study reviewed in Hürriyet Daily News. Under the terms of Turkey’s existing customs union agreement with the European … Continue reading

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Nuts and bolts

Solopreneur David Seah offers a thinking-out-loud protocol of his steps in confronting the "big hairy inconvenient mess" of setting up Paypal to take international orders. Sometimes microglobalization is high-level market analysis and product strategy; other times it’s the tedious grunt … Continue reading

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I want to begin writing here on "microglobalization", by which I mean the developments in technology and international trade that have put "global" opportunities within reach of independent businesses and even individuals. Once largely the province of well-heeled multinational/transnational corporations, … Continue reading

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Microglobalization, Italian style

Kevin Meyer of Evolving Excellence describes how a maker of hand-sewn wedding dresses in the hills of Tuscany has turned its small size, craftsmanship and eye for opportunity to advantage in the global marketplace. Via @AlbertoRBaez on Twitter.