Internship program brings global business skills to local companies

Austin Community CollegeI've been quite impressed with the sophistication of Austin Community College's international business programs, which go far beyond what I've seen elsewhere at the community college level. ACC's Center for Experiential Learning is a new program that aims to create a sort of clearinghouse for internship opportunities for ACC students. Besides the chance to working at an organization in the "real world", participants receive supervision, mentoring and evaluation in pursuit of specific learning objectives.

For employers, hiring an ACC intern means far more than just cheap labor. Program participants are smart, highly motivated professionals-in-training who already have a grounding in valuable skills such as international business and supply chain management. An employer account at the CEL website allows firms to browse, search, filter, and save students' resumes and reach out to interesting candidates. The CEL also aims to help employers develop internship and "coop" (multi-semester) programs and take part in departmental industry advisory committees. It's a great way for local businesses to tap into up-and-coming talent, and maybe even find the star performer who can take them to the next level of success.

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